Encapsulating Wonder

"A keycap set inspired by one of my favorite Genshin Impach characters, Faruzan. She utilizes the power of Anemo (Air/Wind) to support her allies in combat. I absolutely loved her design and the colors used throughout. The soft blues and glowing teals really resonated with me." - Captain Sterling

Novelty Design Process

“I watched a ton of videos relating to Faruzan and redrew Tristan's sketches in my style while also adding a ton of my own. We worked together and narrowed them down before finalizing things in Illustrator.”

“I hope that both Genshin and non-Genshin fans can enjoy and appreciate these novelties!”

“When designing the desk-mats we wanted to strike a balance between Faruzan's elegance and her flashy attacks.”

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GB ends 3/20/24


Renders are done by my friends: MVKB, Bees.keys, and Peach_Keys. You're all so talented! A special thanks to Hellen for the amazing design work. You're incredible! Lastly, thank you to all of the vendors for supporting the project!