Photo Content


Minimal photos on a variety of backgrounds. Your product is the star of the show.

$30 per image


Shots utilizing props within my collection. This ranges from boxes, mats, cameras, etc.

$25 per scene. $30 per image.


Let's make the photos yours. We will plan a theme and shop for props to help bring your ideas to life! Scene fee range from $100-300 depending on your budget for props.

Scene Fee. $40 per image.

Video Content


A build stream on Twitch


Short Form

A short form piece of content posted to my Instagram, Tiktok, and Youtube Shorts.


Sterling Suite

A build Stream on Twitch with a hyperlapse VOD posted to YT, Short form content posted to all platforms, and a 3-5 image photo post to my Instagram.



Where can I see your work?

You can check it out here:

How long does it take to complete the project?

Typically 1-2 weeks from receiving the shipment.

Where can I see your videos?

You can see my short form on Instagram here:

You can see my reviews/hyper lapses on Youtube here:

How do we build our curated scenes?

Ideally we would have a meeting and go over ideas for the project. I can gather some inspo and present you with how I'd like to execute the project. From there I will go shopping for props and proceed with creating, editing, and delivering your images.