A Summer Wonderland

It might have been May but, the snow was still falling. Our first night in Breckenridge was an absolute dream. We pulled up to our cabin and were greeted with snow covered rooftops and a brisk breeze. The air was so pure.

Adventurous Hikes

Throughout our stay we went on a few hikes. Some were near Breckenridge and some were in the Rocky Mountain National Park! They were so much fun and I felt spiritually rejuvenated after each one, no matter how difficult they were. Below is a gallery of my favorite landscapes from our honeymoon.

A Mountainous Brew

During our last hike I stopped by a stream and made some coffee. If you know me, I had to do this.


The drive to Colorado was quite the long one. We couldn't have done it alone. So we brought our roommates with us. These are some photos of our friends, Marjorie, and I.

Furry and Feathered Friends

Whilst on our daily travels through the town and nature trails we made some unexpected friendships.