How we met:

I met Anna Moreno in August of 2019. She was teaming up with Amy Leifeste of The Marigold Collective to teach an art class to some local aspiring artists. I was there with a few friends for my late birthday celebration when we met them. We helped them set up their "teaching space" and I snapped a few photos during her seminar. The rest is history. I've come to totally adore her art style and it takes me back to another time.

Anna Moreno

The portrait of "Jude Flowers":

When I asked Anna if she would be interested in being featured in The Weekly Brew, she was totally stoked to be part of it. Below is her original piece that she created for this photoshoot as well as for the blog. I really love it and can't wait for you to catch the completed version of him on her socials.

The Interview:

When did you get into doing art?

"I have been into art from a very young age. I was mesmerized by Bob Ross and I remember being very drawn to specific book illustrations. I recall telling my mom that I wanted to grow up to be an artist at the age of five. I began drawing mountain scenes and dolphins constantly in elementary school and my love for it grew from there."

I know when doing anything creative finding your “style” is sometimes difficult. What has helped you to develop and find your style? 

"I believe High Renaissance portraits have influenced my overall style. I connect with the symmetry, simplicity, and boldness. I move in and out of specific styles, depending on the inspiration I am receiving. My last series was based off historical photographs and done mostly by pencil in neutral colors. My current pieces are influenced by film director, Wes Anderson, and are rich in color. I have appreciated his brilliant deliberation of design for some years now, but it has really stimulated my mind recently. I’m being challenged to think of color, pattern, mood, and space in new tangible ways."

Where do you hope to end up with your art? Is this something you plan to pursue for a lifetime? 

"My main pursuit is to always continue creating. I never want to forsake the passion that was given to me for painting and drawing. I want to remain faithful to it, continually progress my skills, try new things, and allow myself to step into the creative space throughout my life. I do have goals for this year, to show work at a gallery and broaden my site where I sell prints. In the future, I hope to have a personal studio. I would be honored to make a comfortable living from it one day."

What is the hardest thing you encounter in your daily life being a creative?

"I have to remind myself that art is a matter of doing. Artists tend to be dreamers. It is very difficult to not just create in the mind, but to take practical steps towards those dreams. I am learning to be disciplined in my spare time and not let my day job drain my creative efforts and goals. I think living in this tension produces a deeper need to make something new. It keeps me hopeful as I see my small goals come to fruition, bringing me another step closer to turning art into a career."

If you could travel anywhere in the world where would it be and why? 

"My dream is to spend months traveling in Europe, but if I had to choose one place, I would say Venice. It would be incredible to finally see Italian architecture. I want to get lost in the narrow, cobble stone pathways. I want to see the vibrant colors reflecting off of the canals during a sunset. I want to experience St. Mark’s Basilica very early, before it gets too crowded, and to experience the Biennale art exhibition. It would be a dream come true." 

What are some of your favorite mediums to work with? What do you recommend for people to start with? 

"My favorite mediums are oil paint and charcoal. I think charcoal is a great medium to begin with. They have different grades of compactness or brittleness, so you can create defined, sharp lines, while using soft sticks for blending. It’s cheap, fun to experiment with, and a great place to learn how to create depth of shadow and light. If you’re interested in oil painting, I would get black, white, one other color, and mineral spirits. Just play around with the medium to get familiar with paint mixing, thinning, layering, and blending. Oh, and don’t forget the music!" 

Do you have a lucky brush or pencil? If so tell us a story about it.

"I have never thought about this. I do have a favorite brush. I begin every new painting with it. It’s a long, size 16, wooden flat brush. We go way back. She colors my life and has seen me through thick and thin. Okay, I’ll pack the Dad jokes back up now." 

If you were a coffee drink, what would it be and why?

"I would be a San Antonio blend, black coffee, because I most likely have a higher percentage of that in my body than I do oxygen."

When you’re painting people do you give them names? What is the name of the one in this piece? 

"I do name my portraits. I hadn’t named this new guy yet, but my first thought when I looked at him again was Jude. So, I suppose I will stick with that. I’ll also add Flowers as the last name due to the floral wallpaper. As you can see, a great amount of thought goes into these names." 

How would you describe your experience with Sterling & Co Photography? What’s something that stands out? 

"My experience with Sterling & Co Photography. has been amazing! Tristan and his team are very personal and their passion for photography shines through their work. It is a blast working together and is always exciting to see the beautiful images that are created! I definitely appreciate their talent and look forward to working with them again in the future."