Days Go Away

We first met Sweet Fighter a few years back, their angst compared to other artists within our area, really stood out to us. They are going for more of a techno-pop-alternative feel while everyone else here seems to be heading down the country path. The drive and talent of this group makes me want to be part of their journey. That's why when we heard they had released a song post quarantine I knew we had to cover it and interview them. So here is our interview with Mason, Enrique, and Fisher.

The Brew:

1. Congratulations on your new single, we love it! What was the inspiration behind this song?: Thanks so much! We are really proud of this one and really appreciate that. Inspiration is a funny thing though. We try to avoid letting inspiration determine when we write. But this year, for all of us, has really tested us as men, you know? For so many reasons that would take hours to explain and even longer to understand. I think the fight to stay present or cohesive through these battles, or maybe fighting at all, was the main source of inspiration.   

2. “I’m on the bottom again” is a lyric used within the chorus of the song, what does this lyric mean to you?:  So the chorus on this song, “Everybody wants something, but not everybody can can win. I’m on the bottom again” might be interpreted as a sad or distressing lyric, but it was not meant to be that way. And a lot of our lyrics are like that also. Ex. In Vastilios after the second chorus, “These days are keeping me alive. But sometimes I want to close my eyes.” These two lyrics are very similar. They are a testament to the struggle of triumph. Just because you are on the bottom again, or want to close your eyes doesn’t mean that you’ve thrown in the towel. It means your discipline will outlast your suffering, and that means something to all of us.

3. The production of this song sounds impressive compared to your later releases, what did you do differently when creating this single?: The song wouldn’t sound as good as it does if it weren’t for a good friend of ours Jordan Wright. He’s really integrated himself into the band and helps us out a ton, and we couldn’t be more thankful for him. That and the care we all put into recording and writing since we haven’t released a song in almost a year.

4. You have a lot of fans in the Golden Triangle area, do you plan to do any sort of live concert for them virtually since events can’t happen currently with COVID?: We definitely have a lot of plans when it comes to online stuff. We are trying to stream on twitch and release actual music videos, which are two things we’ve never done. But yeah, performing live on twitch is something we plan to do. Everyone can find us there at:

5. Since this is a single can we expect a full length album or an EP soon from you guys?: We talk about this all the time, and I think the consensus is to release singles and categorize them into seasons. So, if you wanted to, you could look at each season as an album. That's the plan for now. Maybe in the future we’ll release full length albums, but who knows.

6. The name of your band is Sweet Fighter, what was the thought process of the band mates when choosing this name?:  We feel like it’s the way we live. Being “sweet” towards those close to us and and being able to fight for what we love at any moment. 

7. How has your experience been previously working with Sterling & Co Photography?:  It’s been fantastic. It’s really great having someone reliable at shows to take great pictures of us. It takes some of the stress off of playing. In doing so, Tristan became our friend, and we are grateful for him.

8. If you each were a coffee drink, what would you be, why?: Redbull.

9. Tell us about each of your rolls within the band.: Toni, Fisher, and Enrique play guitar and sing, mason plays bass, and Mateo plays the drums. We all play an important role in the writing process.

Go stream "Days Go Away."

Thank you so much Enrique for helping me organize this and thank you to everyone for reading this. I'll catch you next time with the latest in the Golden Triangle. That concludes your Weekly Brew.