Reaching Out

When we initially thought of doing a styled shoot our first hurdle to jump was finding our model. No matter who we looked at we kept coming back to Emily. It was all in her style and aesthetic, it just couldn't be matched in our opinion. So we reached out to her to see if she was interested. She was stoked to be part of this project and we were excited to have her! No we started preparing for the session.

Styled Shoot at Tyrell Park in Beaumont, Texas & Downtown Orange, Texas

What did you do to prepare for this shoot? "Honestly I shopped and stressed about perfection down to every last detail."

How was your experience working with Sterling & Co Photography? "My experience was more than I could ever have imagined. I felt so comfortable from the humor of the trio or Marjorie's hype man skills! They were beyond talented y'all."

What made you want to participate in this shoot? "I've always been obsessed with modeling and photography, so when I was contacted I knew it was a rare moment I couldn't pass up."

What are some of your interests? What is important to you? "I'm a huge animal advocate, I own two fur babies that I rescued. Helping other fur babies find their forever homes is a massive thing in my heart. #adoptdontshop"

Who inspires your fashion? "Stevie Nicks and Twiggy. They all stood out and never cared about what others thought that courteous act of not giving a s*** is beautiful."

Would you ever do something like this again? "I'd be beyond thrilled to get to experience this kind of self love again."

If you were a coffee drink, which would you be? Why? "Thai iced coffee, it;s strong and sweet. Something I feel reflects my character well."

Thanks Emily,

We loved the experience of photographing you! I can't wait for the next time and we are so glad you enjoyed the ride as well! Working with you was a dream and it made our jobs so easy. Your style and character really stands out and we hope it takes you far in your life. You deserve it.

Sterling & Co Photography