A Comedic Duo

These two are like a walking comedy show. When working with them we were all laughing nonstop. They have been such an amazing pleasure to work with and are great people. We loved every second of every shoot.

The Weekly Brew

Did you have fun getting to bring your dog into a Christmas family session? We consider our dog our child so it was great to get some family photos! Everything turned out so great.

What did you do to prepare for your engagement session? We used Pinterest ideas a lot. Coordinating outfits was a bit of a challenge too. 

How was your experience working with Sterling & Co Photography? Always a great experience! So easy to work with and really make you feel comfortable.

Tell us something about us that stood out to you on your wedding day? How receptive both photographers were. Any idea wasn't too grand. Each time a suggested something Tristan was always so receptive and happy to try to capture my vision.

What are some things you liked about the venue? The natural lighting and so many different areas for stunning photos. There was no shortage of ideas.

What are some of your interests? What is important to you? We both enjoy spending time together cruising in our ATV, or one of our hot-rods, working outside, or watching movies. As long as we are together we are having a good time. We find it most important to always be supportive to each others hobbies and try to be involved as much as possible.

Would you ever take more photos with us? Without a doubt. I love the editing style and working with Tristan.

If you each were a coffee drink, which would it be? Why? Jacob would be a black coffee because he's strong and old school. Kayla would be a peppermint iced coffee because even when it's freezing I still have the AC on.